Restore power and lower emissions for £90

Carbon Cleaning

Our process helps clean right through the engine by enriching the air that is drawn in through the intake. You will notice immediate improvements in the responsiveness of the vehicle. The clean will help remove any existing lumpiness, the engine will be quieter, have less vibrations and should tick over more smoothly.

It will clean depending on petrol or diesel, the intake/inlet manifold, turbo, swirl, flaps, injector nozzles, lambda sensors, plugs, cat, DPF - anywhere the air gets to.

It takes 30 - 60 mins depending on engine size mileage and carbon build up.

Why do you need an engine carbon cleaning service? It provides many benefits, the biggest of which is that it gets your engine breathing better again. Our team gets rid of carbon deposits that restrict airflow in your engine.

This service can help reduce
your carbon emissions
by 65%

This makes it environmentally friendly. Not only that, but it will also help your vehicle achieve the necessary MOT emissions test levels, helping you pass. You will see an improvement in engine power and performance, helping to make your vehicle feel brand new once again. It will run a lot smoother and be far quieter too. In addition, the engine becomes far more fuel-efficient thanks to the removal of carbon build-up.

The majority of our customers are amazed at how efficient their vehicle becomes and end up reducing their fuel bills as a result. Finally, this service means your engine receives a thorough clean, helping you avoid future problems with parts and valves. With our hydrogen carbon cleaning machine, we get things done quickly, efficiently and help prevent any costly engine issues from occurring.

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