Our engine carbon cleaning
goes above and beyond what
you might expect.

We’ve developed an innovative hydrogen carbon cleaning machine to remove carbon buildup from both petrol and diesel engines. It’s a machine that’s been developed over 10 years, with hours of research put into ensuring it produces the perfect amount of hydrogen to clean engines without any damage at all.

How does hydrogen carbon cleaning work? For starters, it’s non-intrusive, and we don’t have to remove any parts from your vehicle or take apart your engine. Our state of the art cleaning machine uses water to create hydrogen and oxygen. We then pass these substances through your engine's air intake system. The hydrogen and oxygen pass all the way through and exit out of the engine's exhaust system. While it’s in there, the hydrogen will remove any carbon buildup inside the air intake system. By getting rid of this carbon, your engine will run a lot smoother, be much quieter, and see fewer carbon emissions with higher fuel efficiency.

The technology behind our machine took years to
perfect -
but the process is incredibly simple.

Think about having a straw that’s full of dust, and you blow through the straw to get rid of all of it. This is essentially what’s happening here, but with a hydrogen carbon engine cleaning machine. We use hydrogen as it’s scientifically proven to help remove carbon buildup and reduce carbon emissions. As a result, we have no need to use any harmful chemicals like a lot of the carbon engine cleaning services out there. The procedure we use is totally green and great for the environment.

If you’re after a quick and mobile service that’s designed to help clean and improve your engine - by only using green technology - then contact us today. One of our friendly members of staff will call you back to discuss this service with you and book you in for a clean.

Reinforce Your Power and Performance

Are you after a smoother and quieter drive? By removing carbon from your engine, not only will you experience a more enjoyable journey, but your vehicle will also receive that extra push of power.

Block Those Costly Bills

We all dread the day something goes wrong with our car and we are forced to take it back to the garage to get fixed. Regular carbon cleaning can help prevent costly repairs in the DPFs, EGR valves, injectors, inlet manifold or the turbos.

Enliven Your Fuel Efficiency

If you have noticed your car's fuel efficiency dramatically deteriorating, then it is highly likely carbon build up is causing this. We offer services to remove built-up carbon in your vehicle's engine to enhance the fuel efficiency, providing you with a brand new experience that will not only lower your bills, but also improve your MPG.

Reduced Emissions

By cleaning out built-up carbon in your vehicle, you will be helping the environment, as the amount of harmful emissions that get released into the environment will be reduced. This will also help your vehicle achieve the necessary emission levels in your MOT.